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6 Easy-to-Use HTML5 Development Tools for Beginners

When Steve Jobs refused to use Flash on iOS devices, he argued that one day HTML5 will surpass it. Well, his statement took years to be proved as today it is the technology that’s transforming the web. So, being a student of computer science, you must learn its applications. But before that, let us tell you HTML5 which is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language has been designed to create almost everything you want to do online without any additional software. It’s a cross-platform software, which means you can use on any device whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, notebook, ultrabook, or Smart TV. And, it can be used to write the web applications that can work without any connection with the net. In this write-up, we have gathered some useful information regarding some tools that will enhance your HTML5 Workflow. Take a look:
1. Sprite Box Tool

It helps the designers to manage various codes needed to execute the day-to-day processes to keep the website working. Besides this, it is used in designing the image into the sprites by using the jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5  together. Sprite Box consists of various other useful tools, ranging from useful code snippets to code libraries, SpriteDocs being the most important among them. It displays each sprite and indicates which image is referenced by which rule. And, most importantly, it makes it easy to grab background image coordinates for each sprite.
2. Font Testing Tool

Choosing a decent font for their web pages is a tough task for developers. But this becomes easy when one uses this tool. All you need to do is insert the text in the input box and move the cursor over the font types, to see the changes in styles. This is highly useful for those who work with fonts on a regular basis as choosing, comparing and analyzing them is not a plain sailing work. It helps in dealing with many issues, such as installing, uninstalling, and handling fonts.
3. Adobe Edge Animate

Developed by Adobe Systems, this web development tool uses the functionalities of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to create feature-rich websites that are full of interesting web elements. It is a powerful application that enables you to create animations for the web, iBooks, and apps. With this software, one can create an interactive interface that is essential for compelling the visitors to stay on the web pages. This tool is different from Edge Reflow. While Adobe Edge animate is used for creating animation, Edge Reflow is mainly functional in creating responsive websites.
4. HTML5 Reset

This online application is exceptional in terms of editing the web designing codes. It is capable of supporting Google Analytic & jQuery calls. The HTML5 Reset Stylesheet begins by removing support for elements that have been disapproved by the HTML5 specification, such as <acronym>, <center>, and <big>. It aims to provide a basis for websites by removing support for deprecated HTML 4 elements and using the new HTML 5 attributes.
5. AngularJS

Being an open source tool, it is used by front-end developers for extending the HTML syntax in web applications. By developing accessible, readable, and expressive environment, it has simplified front-end development process. Besides handling JavaScript code for each browser, it is also helpful in writing a client-side application by using MVC.
6. Aptana Studio 3

This powerful open-source tool has been specially designed for web development projects. Moreover, it allows users to develop and test their apps using a single environment. Apart from being compatible with all major browsers, such as JavaScript Code assists, IDE Customization, GIF incorporation, incorporated debugger, HTML and operation wizard, it also supports major markup and coding languages, including PHP, Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.  
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